Friday, January 22, 2010

How The Office Ruined Thursday

I was all set for some new Thursday love, but The Office had to go and ruin it with a clip show. Okay, Computron and Fake Stanley were funny, but still. Sigh...

Community was good tonight, putting the underutilized Troy into the spotlight with Britta as both of them were secretly taking...GASP...a dance class. I'd like to think that we as the tv watching public have moved past the "boys can't enjoy dancing" storyline, and yet here it is. I was hoping for something different with the ending, but nope, there's Troy prancing in to save the day. Jeff and the hot Statistics teacher (okay, I'm going to start taking notes next week, I promise) have become an item, which leads to a funny bit about the official student/faculty relationship form, but then goes right back into tired cliche mode by having Jeff get spooked by the term "boyfriend". At least it doesn't drag on, and it does lead to a stunned Britta on stage watching Jeff and Slater (yes, Slater! I remembered!) hold hands and be all couple-y. Well, I don't know whether to be happy that the Jeff/Britta storyline is going somewhere, or be sad that it's back, since the show was doing so well without it. Also, not nearly enough Annie.

30 Rock had some fun with Boston thanks to a Miami road show that got hijacked by a lornlorn Jack Donaghy. The digs at Boston were funny, and Tracy going off on Fake John Hancock for being racist was the highlight of the show, especially the "Patriots suck!" bit near the end. As much as I like Julianne Moore, and her accent, that storyline seems to be way too choppy. Whether it's due to Moore's availability or what, it still makes it harder to get into it. The rest of the episode was pretty average with Liz having to make up a fake NBC exec in order to keep the rest of the TGS team from revolting. In the end, all that happens is Lutz gets a little too much screen time. Not the best episode, which is disappointing after last week.

Darn you Comedy Thursday! I am, on the other hand, really looking forward to Conan's last show. Not because it's the last show, but I'm interested to see how he goes out. Team CoCo!

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