Thursday, April 16, 2015

The CW Weekly Wrapup!

Granted, the nerdverse is all a'flutter over the new Star Wars trailer, but The CW put on a pretty spicy Wednesday night to go along with a decent but workmanlike episode of The Flash.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Flash is rad as balls, but it can't be all climax, and this week's episode was a good place-setter, plus a nice Arrow crossover/Justice Friends spinoff with Felicity and Ray/A.T.O.M. swinging by Central City to be helpful and whatnot.  Ray and Cisco talking tech was a lot of fun, and it's telling that Felicity needs these jaunts to escape the "doom and gloom" of Team Arrow.

Nuts and bolts: It's almost refreshing to have a non-supervillain as the Baddie of the Week, and it's nice to see Emily Kinney getting work, but killer robot bees just don't move the needle as much (not without Nicolas Cage punching a woman in a bear costume, anyway).  The two main things to take out of this week's episode: Kaitlyn and Cisco have been brought into the "We should have a talk about Harrison Wells" circle of trust, and Iris...sigh.  Not her fault, but she's the worst.  And I hate when a character (especially a non-powered female) gets stuck with the job of being The Worst.  I wonder if Laurel Lance came by to hand over the crown and sceptre in some kind of ceremony.  Guess it sucks to be the last one on the Secret Identity float in the Superhero parade.  By the end of the season, she'll either know, or be Bumblebee and join the HIVE.

Amanda Pays sighting, as we shoehorn Tina McGee into the episode so we can get another "Harrison Wells isn't Harrison Wells" clue, and next week should be a lot of unraveling, but we probably don't get full reveal until the season finale.

Meanwhile, Arrow was badass!  When last we left Star(ling) City, Oliver Queen turned himself in as the Arrow, but Roy Harper jumped in to take the bullet, much to the chagrin of Ollie (and Detective Harry Dresden).  Laurel (Hi, The Worst!) gets Oliver released and they head to Verdant for a good brooding session.  Suddenly, cops show up to check out the secret Arrowcave, only Ollie's fingerprints had been wiped off of everything and only Roy's remain.  Oliver REALLY wants to go to jail!

Roy gets in a prison fight that gives me Arkham City flashbacks, and takes a shiv across the back.  Later, he gets stabbed by a cop, and Thea gives us the weepy news that he is DEAD.  And comic book dead means really de...oh, and he's okay.  Pretty sneaky sis!  Also, Close Personal Friend (okay, he hugged me at All-Con once) DOUG JONES is also in Star City as Deathgaze to rob banks and shoot eyebeams.  We needed a lot more ATOM in our week, so Ray gets to play substitute vigilante, since Oliver has to lay low.  He learns a valuable lesson about...well something, while being ocularsmacked around by Deathgaze.  In the end, the feather was just a trick and he could fly the whole time, or something like that, and Ray takes another trip to Central City, but this time to deposit him in villain jail.  More Cisco for all!  Lot of good stuff in this episode, and we are gearing up for the finale.

Oh, and Ra's al-Ghul stabs the shit out of Thea.

And finally, Supernatural has woken up and is picking up some speed with about one month left until the summer break!  Cas has his grace back, the Mark of Cain might finally be going away, Rowena finally has some purpose other than looking and sounding ADORABLE, and Metatron ate waffles!

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