Friday, March 5, 2010

I think I share a birthday with The Office Baby...

Yes, my birthday was yesterday (thanks for the socks, seriously), and so was the return of Community as well as a special "Must Birth TV" edition of The Office, as well as the mysterious 30 minutes of blank air in between the two. No 30 Rock just yet, but we all get our Alec Baldwin fix on Sunday at the Oscars anyway. So on to the chortles!

Community came back strong, giving us a much-deserved Abed episode. The gang discovers a sketch of Abed in one of their spanish textbooks, and determine that the previous owner has the hots for Abed. Unfortunately, Abed has two versions of himself: The version that doesn't want to talk to the girl, and a vampire. Thanks to the timely intervention of Jeff (who is doing a cross between Paul Newman in "The Color of Money" and Morrissey in 1997), Abed adopts the Winger persona and goes to hit on the girl...who is unfortunately already dating "White Abed". Abed reveals in the end that the girls generally flock to him on their own. His seduction of Annie (as Don Draper, in an exactly-as-subtle-as-it-needed-to-be moment) was the stuff of legends.

Meanwhile, Jeff is embroiled in a clothing imbroglio with Billiard teacher Blake Clark (who is a great stand-up if you get the chance to look up his old act). Jeff wants to dress cool, but the teacher insists on those gym shorts that reveal nothing but ball with almost any possible movement. It all ends in an epic pool match, in which Jeff starts by making shorts cool, and ends with the two men bare ass naked. As funny as that was, the reactions of the cast around them (mostly from the dean taking iPhone pictures of Jeff and Annie unable to take her eyes off of Jeff) made the scene even funnier. This show is seriously knocking it out of the park every week. If you're not watching, then you need to start pronto. If you can watch the brilliant "Bert and Ernie" tag at the end of the episode and not fall in love, then you are some kind of cyborg sent to kill John Connor.

Then this takes us to the one hour Office Baby Spectacular. Part one finds Pam incredibly pregnant, but determined to stay at work until midnight (in order to make their HMO pay for an extra night in the hospital). This is a case where Michael's crackpot schemes almost work, as he gathers everyone in the conference room to take turns distracting Pam. Jim, on the other hand, is getting progressively crazier by the minute. Finally, the contractions are two minutes apart, and they can't wait any longer. It's a girl, and all is well.

Honestly, this episode was all about the details, lines and situations that I can't do justice to. You'll just have to watch the episodes. Some things that stood out: Dwight needs a baby "for business purposes", and the subsequent contract negotiations with Angela; Michael trying to set up Kevin and Ellie, before Andy finally manages to make his move; and general banter between Jim and Pam as two new parents just trying to keep their sanity together. Whether this is the beginning of the end for The Office, or a move that will actually bear fruit, it was still a darn good episode to get us to this new chapter.

By the way, new episodes of Web Soup started this week, keep an eye out for those. Finishing up the season of Burn Notice soon too, and Warehouse 13 is coming back in the summer (woot!).

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