Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost: Recon

Well, I'm on Spring Break (after an All-Con weekend), so I've got some catching up to do. However, I decided to spend a little time on the beach...the Lost beach.

Sawyer Episode!!! Woot! We start off on the island, Sawyer makes some tea for Jin, sees Kate, and we side-flash to Sawyer running the same con he ran in his flashback. Only this time, he's a cop? And Miles is his partner? And his code word is LaFleur? I'm excited.

FlashForward? For reals? Meh.

Ooh, Kate is watching Claire take care of her creepy bone baby. Locke calls the gang together for one of those "Samuel from Heroes" meetings. He tells them that the black smoke killed the people at the Temple...which is true. Aww, kids love Locke. Sawyer asks Kate about the 815'ers from the Temple. Sawyer ain't with anybody. LONE WOLF!

Detective James Ford, LAPD. I'd watch that spinoff. He's looking for Anthony Cooper, a name that would mean more to me if I remembered Lost better. Miles is setting Saw...Ford up on a date. With a girl. Ford is a dirty liar. At least the Lakers are good in the alternate timeline. Ooh, Locke just admitted that he's the smoke monster. Bold.

Locke is sending Sawyer on a boat to Hydra Island. To find the other plane. For recon. We have our episode title! Sawyer's lying skills are the bomb, apparently. Should be an interesting reunion, sweetened with the idea of Sawyer getting off the island. But is that what he wants?

Ford is meeting his blind date...and...it's...CHARLOTTE!!! Hot! Hmm, Ford is the man who chose cop, Sawyer is the one who chose criminal. Wonder where that choice happened. And hot non-island lovin occurs. For those keeping track, this is twice that Ford has gotten laid and the episode is only twenty minutes old. Charlotte finds the "Sawyer" file while she looks for a t-shirt, and Ford goes nuts. Don't kick her out, she's British!

Back in the Island, Sawyer makes it over to Hydra town, and sees his old polar bear cage. Home sweet home. Who wants a fish biscuit? Kate chats with Sayid, who is not doing okay. Oops pow surprise, here's Claire, and she's having a knife party. Locke keeps his pimp hand strong though, and calms things down. Sawyer finds the plane and investigates the crash zone. Luckily, there's a big coffin shaped trail to follow. Eww, pile of dead people. Or dirtiest sleepover ever. Sawyer chases a running stranger...and it's Velma? Cute girl with glasses anyway...and she's the only one left?

Ooh, looks like Charlie's brother has come to pick him up. Ford comes in to work, and is met by Miles. Ford went to Sydney? Oh yeah, of course he did, duh. Aww, and Miles is breaking up with him.

Velma is Zoe now. Last survivor of her plane pals. Poor Zoe.

Poor Kate, who is crying. Cry Kate, cry. Smoke Locke is a great talker. Samuel could learn a thing or two from him.

Zoe and Sawyer walk and talk. Zoe lies, Sawyer picks it up and draws steel. Oh, and Zoe has friends with guns. Widmore's people?

Locke and Kate have a nice heart to heart on the beach. Smoke monster had a mom? Aaron has a crazy mom too? Catfight? With guns?

Yep, there's Widmore's submarine. Sawyer heads inside...and back to Ford. Beer and orange juice? That's healthy. Little House on the Prairie? And a frozen dinner? Ford takes his beer over to Charlotte's. She blows him off, and he sadly walks away. With his beer.

Sawyer leisurely strolls (at gunpoint) through the sub, and meets up with Widmore himself. Sawyer is making a side deal with Widmore. As is his way. All he wants is safe passage for him and his pals (i.e. Kate).

Interesting how we're getting back to Sawyer in his element: Telling everyone what they want to hear, so that he gets all of what he wants. However, he's done that to Locke before (with the guns), so there's no way this works out for him the way he thinks it will. 8 more minutes to go. Back to the Island.

Kate sadly walks alone, and is stopped by Claire. She seems a little less crazy. And a lot more huggy. Sawyer gets back and is met by Locke. How fast does Sawyer row? Sawyer tells Locke about Widmore after all. Sawyer is betraying Widmore's guys...for now. Betraying Locke likely comes later.

Ford pulls up and invites Miles into his car for a little reconciliation. And he shows him the Sawyer File. Ford's dad still kills his mom and himself, and still because of Sawyer the con man in this reality. And then they get hit by a car? Wha? Ford tackles them, and it's Kate!

Sawyer's filling Kate in on what's up, and reveals his plan: Let Locke and Widmore fight it out, and sneak off the Island with Kate...via submarine. And scene.

And next week, we get the Richard episode. Good times, see you in seven.

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