Monday, February 1, 2010

Burn Notice!!!

Good episode this week, featuring some backstory on Sam, and we finally get to meet the mysterious Gilroy. Client O' The Week is Sam's former SEAL buddy Mack, former being because Mack was making time with Sam's ex-wife. Isn't the Navy motto "Bros before Hos"? Actually, from what I've heard of the Navy, that may be truer than I thought.

***Note to Navy people: Please don't kill me***

Anywho, Mack is tracking a Very Bad Man to Miami and needs help to find and apprehend him. Michael figures that the best way to search a tight-knit gang-run village is to get the local gang leader involved, so Michael puts on my favorite cover identity to date; "Lewis", a guy who dresses like the devil and blows stuff up when he snaps his fingers. Very badass, and it reminds us that Mr. Weston is using great restraint considering the things he is capable of.

Anyway, recruiting the gang boss leads to the gang boss (who is more of a nice, Robin Hood type of gang boss) to have some trouble with DANNY FUCKING TREJO (or "Machete", as you will know him soon), leading Michael have to grab the bad guy and stop the other bad guy in order to make things right with the not so bad guy in the end. A little more complicated than most of the other plans work out, but we got a sweet face-first rappelling/gunfight scene, so I'm not going to complain.

Also by the end of the episode, Gilroy decides that Michael is his kind of co-worker, and Michael makes time for some sweet love making with dear Fiona. Not quite sure where that's leading to, but if it stops the bickering, I'm all for it.

Also of note: Jon Hamm did an admirable job hosting Saturday Night Live this week, featuring a great restaurant ad with him and Michael Buble, as well as the first case of sketch continuity I can remember since Buckwheat was shot.

Coming up: Sunday animation, Heroes, and Castle, and I hope a new How I Met Your Mother. So much to watch, so little time.

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