Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh Lost, How I Missed You So!

Yes, the long (and I do mean loooooooong) wait is over, and the final season of Lost is finally here. And a few months from now (on a Sunday), Lost will exit our lives forever. Well, or so they would have us believe. The series should be over anyway, which is bittersweet. It'll be nice to have all the questions answered, but I really will miss this show. The constant complaints about all the mysteries just bug me though...the whole point of a good mystery is the anticipation of the ending when the case is solved. That's what Lost is, a grand mystery set in four dimensions. Would the polar bear in the first episode have been as awesome if you knew that it just came from a cage on another part of the island? Lost, save for a few blips now and again, has rewarded the faithful viewer, and now comes their final gift to us.

And what a beginning. The bomb blows up, the screen goes white...and Jack's on a plane. Kate's there, Sawyer's there, the whole Lost crew...then the bomb blows up, the screen goes white, and Kate wakes up on the island. Trippy. My best theory (and oh, there will be theories) is that the bomb created some kind of parallel dimension where the Oceanic 6 & pals never crashed, in addition to their current reality. The two hour premiere skips back and forth between these two realities (or whatever, I'm calling them realities and it's my damn blog) showing "what is" and "what also is", for lack of a better term.

On the island, we've got Sayid still gutshot, Sawyer super pissed at Jack, Kate trying to keep some kind of peace, Jin...found a flashlight, and Hurley talks to the ghost of Jacob, who tells him how to save Sayid. Before that, they have to rescue Juliet who has inexplicably managed to survive all Baby Jessica-style at the bottom of the shaft. Juliet dies, sadly, and Sawyer makes Miles talk to her ghost, who just says "It worked".

Hey, maybe they just exist both in the past, and in the present. Maybe they meet the versions of themselves that have been in the 70's this whole time! Whoo! Theories! Remember kids, "what happened, happened".

Anyway, so they make it to the temple, where Hurley's guitar case contains...a big wooden ankh. That mysterious Chinese-talking dude snaps in twain to reveal a note inside. The note seems to establish the group's bona fides, and they go in to dunk Sayid in the magic life water (not to be confused with SoBe Life Water), only for it not to work. Sad day.

Okay, so in the "present", Jack gets called to the bathroom to help save an unconscious Charlie (whoo!!! Charlie!!!) who is choking on...wait for it...his Bag O' Heroin! The plane lands, Charlie's led off in cuffs, Locke has heart to heart chats with Boone (!) and later, Jack. Locke is still in the wheelchair, by the way. Kate escapes from custody, and the airline loses Jack's luggage...the big wooden one containing his dead dad. Not going too much into this part so far, mainly because I don't know what the hell it's leading to. Bold move for the premiere though.

Okay, so in the past, Locke has totally killed Jacob with the help of Ben. Richard is outside with the Shadow of the Statue gang, and a few of them come inside to see what's going on. They take a couple of shots at Locke who HOLY SHIT LOCKE IS THE SMOKE MONSTER!!!!!! One of the SotS'ers pulls out a bag of mystery sand and makes a circle out of it to keep the smoke monster out, but the smoke monster is JUST TOO SMART and knocks a big rock free and uses that to knock the dude out of his CoP:Black.

The temple people hear that Jacob is dead and freak right out. They barricade the doors and launch some fireworks, which Richard sees all the way over at the Foot. Jacob picks that time to exit and he goes all Chuck Norris on Richard, picking him up and dragging him off...passing right by the dirty dead body of John Locke.

Oh, and then Sayid comes back to life.

So, business as usual for Lost; answering 2 or 3 questions while creating a dozen more. Well, not that many. Still, now next week we've got revived Sayid, Kate on the run, Locke carrying Richard, Sawyer and Miles are wandering somewhere, and Jack looks for his dead dad. All this, and more next week on...Lost.

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