Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Just Lied To A Samurai

Ugh, so I like the Olympics, but I hate what the Olympics have done to the TV schedule. Just about everything is in reruns rather than go against the Winter Juggernaut. Lucky for us, Lost fears no such quadrennial behemoth.

And it's a Jack episode! We start out with Alterna-Jack, changing after a day of work and just now noticing his appendix scar. In the "normal" timeline, it came out on the island. In this reality, he had it out when he was a kid (although they wouldn't let his dad do the operation...because he was drunk?). Oh, and Jack has a son. Whaaaaaaa?

Back on the Island, Hurley and Miles are playing a hilarious game of Tic Tac Toe (which I'm sure means something, but the sight of them tossing found objects onto a grid of sticks just amused me greatly), then Jacob's ghost shows up to give Hurley a few honey-do's and tells him to bring Jack along for the ride. Why? Because some people have to find the island, and Hurley's gonna help them.


Jack and David do some non-bonding. David's copy of Alice in Wonderland is shown, and David seems distracted and...well, like all teenagers. Jack sucks at parenting, and bails to go help mom look for dad's will. Which they find. And it mentions Claire.

Oh yes, Claire. Well, she's gone all Rousseau, complete with the hair, and she's been waging a provate war with the Temple Others because she thinks they have Aaron. She patches up Jin and ties up one of the Temple Others she shot two episodes ago. Later, Claire threatens to go nuts with an axe, and mentions her "friend". And not the creepy baby she made out of bones and fur and who knows what else. As she's about to go all Annie Wilkes on the Other, Jin tells Claire that Kate has Aaron. Claire kills the Other anyway, then comes back later, when Jin tells her that he lied and that Aaron really is at the Temple. Huh? Claire flat out says that if Kate really had been raising Aaron, then she'd kill her. Ooh, future catfight! Oh yes, and Claire's mystery friend is Evil Locke.

Meanwhile, Alternate Jack comes home to no son. After going to his mother's house and doing a little parental P.I. work, he heads to a school where his son is auditioning for some fancy music conservatory. Also, the samurai is there! Small world. Jack and son have a heart to heart out by the bike rack, and now Everything's Going To Be Okay. So I guess they're setting up that Jack's life is going to be fairly kick ass if the Alternate reality becomes/is/whatever the only reality. Foreshadowing!

So that leaves us with Jack and Hugo's Excellent Adventure, complete with a trip back to the Season 1 cave! Hurley espouses another humorous internet theory (that they time traveled again and the bones in the cave are their bones), then Jack finds his dad's empty coffin, which he smashed real good all the way back in the day. They make it to the Lighthouse, and go upstairs so Hurley can do what he needs to do. However, as Hurley adjusts the mirrors (to 108 degrees, naturally), Jack sees a glimpse of his house at 23 degrees (which is the setting marked next to his name...all the markings have names associated with them), then has an Ann Margret freakout and smashes all the mirrors. Jacob pops in at the end to talk to Hurley and explain that this was all for Jack's benefit. For why? Well, there's a finite amount of episodes with which to explain that, and I have a feeling that this is all settling in to be a battle between Jack and Locke for "all the marbles". Good episode though, and I'm liking the way things are going between the two realities.

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