Thursday, April 29, 2010


And nothing but Community. Last week, it finally came back, and with an Abed episode! Abed is money, but the kind of money you spend sparingly, so as not to draw the attention of the IRS. I don't know where i was going with that metaphor now. Anyway, a lack of chicken strips (thanks to that thieving Starburns) spurs the gang into action, installing Abed as fry cook and building up a network of favors in exchange for sweet sweet chicken strips. Abed's position and careful planning causes him to supplant Jeff as the head of the study group (as their family became a italics). Power goes to their heads, however, including Pierce's entourage and Annie's Boobs...which is the name of Troy's monkey (and a gag that never stopped being funny). They even gave Annie's Boobs its own Twitter account:

Abed and Jeff share a moment (but not a Very Special one), and then share a plate of chicken strips, Sixteen Candles style. The humor isn't in Abed's stream of pop culture references (well, they're funny, but keep reading), it's in the lengths that the show goes to pay off the references, as well as the obvious love that the writers have for these pieces of our past. They aren't just referencing them for the sake of saying the words, they are using them as the cultural shorthand that they have become for members of a certain (i.e., mine) age group.

Next up, catching up on more of what I missed on my trip to Jersey, as well as some Doctor Who.

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