Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with

I'm just going to type a little about House, since this is the part that shows up on Facebook (hi, Facebook!), and I hate giving Lost spoilers. Like how Sawyer is really a velociraptor.

House "Lockdown" aired a week or three ago, but it was on Hulu, and I likes me some House. I guess this was their version of a bottle episode, as the hospital is on lockdown due to a missing baby. This gives us some wacky mismatched pairings, in the form of Taub/Foreman and Wilson/Thirteen, then Chase and Cameron locked in a room (oh, how sitcom-y), House in with a terminal patient, and Cuddy left to solve the Case of the Missing Baby.

Taub/Foreman was funny, as they both pop a couple of Vicodin to "feel like House" for a few hours, then wind up doing records room shenanigans, before reading each others files and doing the whole "I wish I was you/No, I wish I was you" gag.

Wilson and Thirteen play a game of Truth or Dare, where Wilson's relationship with House is examined for the hundredth time, Wilson breaks into a cash register, and Thirteen has to flash her boobs to Taub. Oh, and did we get a first name there?

Chase/Cameron was the meat, and it wasn't that meaty at first, but we finally get some truth and maybe some closure to the two of them. Good acting from both, and it's nice to see Cameron back, although it's likely a one shot deal (he said, as people who have seen the most recent two episodes are probably giggling at me).

Cuddy finds the baby.

And finally, we get another iteration of House dealing with his own issues through those of a patient. I dug the consequences of the 19/20 cases that House doesn't take, and how casually he mentions that most of those people die. Even the best in the world can't help everyone. The rest was standard stuff for the show.

Honestly, I enjoyed the episode for the change of pace, but there wasn't any bombshell dropped. Good character moments all, though.

Okay, now for Lost.

This was an episode about gatherings. Technically, this is one of those "move the pieces around the board" episodes, like a game of Starcraft or something, but more than that, it was about getting our Losties back with each other, after separating them for much of the episode. And if there really is something special about our Candidates, then getting them this close together is going to allow for some serious stuff to go down soon. We start off where we left off, Hurley bringing Jack, Sun, and Lapidas to Locke's camp. Jack confronts Smokey, who freely admits who he is, and thanks Jack for bringing Jack's body with him, so Smokey would have someplace to stay. Which is also how he was Jack's dad. Question answered, internet!

Alternate Locke is in an ambulance with Ben, and arrives at the hospital just as Sun and Jin do. See! Gatherings! Sun doesn't seem happy to see Locke though, freaking out and saying "It's him". Looks like lack of language isn't the only thing starting to bleed through for our special few now.

Claire talks to Jack, and let's him know that he's firmly with Locke now, whether he meant to or not, because Jack let Locke talk to him. That seems to be another theme of this season, that once Smokey talks to you, you're under his spell. Remember this phrase: "You're with him now".

Sawyer and Hurley, a pairing I have missed greatly. Sawyer lets Hurley know that Sayid has gone to the dark side, but you never give Hurley a Star Wars metaphor, because he'll just say that people can be turned back from the dark know, like Anakin.

Sawyer: "Anakin?"

Ahh, missed you two. Oh, and we're back to Alternaworld, with Det. Ford and Kate. And Miles. And apples? And Sayid caught on tape...he's a jabonie?

Back to the Island; Zoey comes in with an ultimatum: Give back Desmond, or missiles go kablooey in their camp. Locke is unimpressed with the threat, and rounds up the gang to move to the boat and go to Hydra Island to take the fight to Widmore. He sends Sawyer to pick up the boat and sail it to the rendevous point, but he instead tells Jack to gather the cool kids and meet him at another dock for some subjacking and escapery.

Alternaworld again, Desmond bumps into Claire (bumps into...riiiight) at the adoption agency, which is on the same floor as Desmond's lawyer buddy...who is Ilana! Oh hai! Missed you since you got all blowed up. Turns out she's been looking for Claire because

Oh hey, back to the Island. Locke sends Sayid to whack Desmond. Desmond's all "why are you gonna kill me, brother?", and Sayid's all "Cause Locke said he'd give me Nadia back". Moral ambiguity!

Back to Alternaworld, I'm getting whiplash. Methinks the shorter intervals might be meant to imply that the walls between these realities are getting thinner and thinner. Anyway, Miles and Sawyer team up to catch Sayid (who gets tripped by a hose? Seriously?).

Island: Locke goes back to find Sayid, Jack grabs the Breakfast Club and head to the boat, Claire sees them and follows.

Alterna: Jack meets Claire, but before he can emote, he gets paged for a hospital emergency. GATHERINGS!!!

Island: Jack and Sawyer have a heart to heart. Jack doesn't think it's time to leave, Sawyer doesn't give a damn about mystical Island crap, he's getting himself a sub and getting home. Sawyer pulls an Air Force One and tells Jack to get off his damn boat...and Jack does. Right into the water.

Alterna: Sun wakes up, her and the baby are fine, and Jin is happy. Life's pretty good if you're a Candidate, huh? Jack walks by on his way to do some spine operating, and notices that his patient is (all together now, kids) Locke!

Island: Sawyer's gang makes it over to Widmoreville, Sun and Jin are finally reunited (which might have been more powerful if they hadn't been together all the time in Alternaworld, but still nice to finally see) (oh, and Sun knows English again now), then Zoey and the rest of the henchmen tell Sawyer that the deal is off. Jack swims ashore, and Smokey walks up with the rest of his expendable pals. Missiles start flying all over the place, and Locke picks up Jack and carries him to safety. What's the last thing Locke says to Jack? "You're with me now". And scene.

So we've got Jack isolated from the pack and with Locke, everybody else is with Widmore, and the hospital seems to be the locus for whatever's going to happen on the Alternaworld side. The end is getting closer and closer, and now that everybody is getting closer together some serious shit's about to go down.

Back in seven for more Lost.

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