Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Once again: Lost and Castle

So thanks to college basketball, there has been a dearth of new episodes of my usual shows. However, two shows refuse to roll over and cede their timeslot to sports. I thank you, Lost and Castle.

Castle this week was one of the "Dull case, fun business" episodes that I really have to be in the mood for. In this case, it was a guy getting squished by a gargoyle, which led to a mummified Mayan king and a wacky curse that let's Nathan Fillion be zany, but doesn't really add much to the story. On the other hand, there wasn't much story, so let the zaniness ensue!

The case was a never-ending series of false leads, double-backs, plots within plots, and it almost had me asleep. Castle's antics were much funnier, what with the detectives pranking him hardcore in order to make him believe in the curse. Honestly though, the coffee machine blowing up was over the top, both for the show, and as a believable act by Beckett (and Ryan, and Esposito). Then the story takes an odd serious turn (more of a slight divot), as Castle asks Beckett to take care of Alexis if something did happen to him. Came out of nowhere, and that was a revelation that would have been better suited to a more serious episode, honestly. The case finally comes to an end, and then Beckett gets a Mayan activist (who has conveniently been hanging out in a cell all episode) to tell Castle how to "Reverse the Curse". However, whatever he has to do, happens off-screen. Why?!?! All that, and you don't give him one last bit of physical business to do, as a payoff for an entire hour of boredom? Not a great episode, unfortunately, especially coming off of last week's incredible two-parter.

Lost, on the other hand, was outstanding. People (okay, mainly ladies) looooooove Desmond, and we got all we could handle tonight. We start out with Desmond (aka, last week's "Package") waking up with Zoey tending to him. Widmore comes into the room, and Desmond goes apeshit on him with an IV stand. Widmore needs Desmond for a test, and as we see from the sciencey stuff around (and Angstrom the bunny), it involves electricity. A LOT of electricity. Desmond is the only person to have survived a major catastrophic electromagnetic event (aka, the one that brought down 815 all the way back then), and they need to test him...using big coily things that fried the crap out of the poor redshirt as they were dragging Desmond out there. They toss him in the box (oh yeah, Jin is there, too, not that it makes a difference), and he gets zapped...

And wakes up as Alterna-Desmond! There's Hurley! And Claire! George the limo driver/hooker acquisitionist takes Desmond to see Widmore, whom he works for. And hugs. Desmond has money, a sweet life, and no family. Poor Desmond. He gets to pick up Charlie (squeeeee!!!, said the fangirls) from jail and chaperone him long enough to play a gig with Widmore's son. Charlie heads over to the nearest bar, and the two drink while Charlie asks him about love, and shares a vision he had (probably about Claire) when he was choking on his Bag O' Smack back on 815. They hop in the car, and Charlie grabs the wheel and sends them crashing into the marina (in like ten feet of water, it looks like). Desmond can't save Charlie, but dives back down to try again. Charlie puts his hand on the glass, and Desmond has a flashback to Charlie drowning back in the underwater station (with "Not Penny's Boat" written on his hand). Desmond gets Charlie out of the car, and we join him back in the hospital with a nasty head wound. They pop him in an MRI machine (magnetic resonance, in case you didn't know), and they triggers visions of Penny. He freaks out and bolts to try and find Charlie, running into Jack. Charlie comes flying out of another room, bare ass flapping in the breeze. Charlie tells Desmond that "none of this matters", and that he should look for Penny.

Desmond heads over to the charity ball to break the bad news about Driveshaft to Widmore's wife...Eloise. She seems nonplussed by the news about Charlie, saying (wait for it...) "What happened, happened". Walking away, Desmond overhears Penny's name on an invitation list, but then Eloise flips out when he asks about it, saying he's not ready for her, and to stop looking. Walking away, Desmond is approached by Widmore's son...Daniel Faraday (pianist, not physicist). Woot, I missed him. Faraday (sorry, Widmore...ahh hell, Daniel) talks of love, of seeing Charlotte (not named as such though) and drawing advanced physics equations in his notebook. Ahh, so apparently memories are bleeding through to this dimension/reality/etc. Daniel is afraid that this world isn't supposed to exist, and he has the nagging feeling that he blew up a nuclear bomb at some point to create this world. Lucky for Desmond, Daniel knows where Penny (his half-sister...ooh, who's the mother?) will be...running stairs in an empty stadium (echoes of the past!). Desmond shakes Penny's hand...

And wakes up back in the electric box, back on The Island. He's only been out for a few seconds, and now he's all totally willing to help Widmore with his mysterious project. Seems like Widmore needs Desmond to help set reality straight maybe? Just a guess. Desmond and the gang head out, and make it about twenty paces before Jack Bauer...err, Sayid pops up, snaps a neck, and tells Zoey to run. He tells Desmond to come with him, and Desmond does, just like that.

But wait, there's more. We flash over to Alterna-Desmond, who has come to after fainting from Penny's touch. Interesting. She agrees to meet him for coffee, and he heads back to the limo. He asks George for a whore...I mean, for the 815 passenger manifest, because he wants to "show them something". And we're out.

So, Desmond (who as we all remember, is the Constant) is back in play, and looks to be a very important piece in both timelines. We're really starting to get rolling with only seven more hours of Lost left...ever.

Oh, and next week, we get a Hurley episode, and some Michael! Yeehaw!

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