Friday, October 30, 2009

Comedy Thursday!

Halloween Eve Eve, and the costumes were in full effect.

Community: Scores extra points for being a Dia De Los Muertos episode (not Mexican Halloween, which is a dirty sex position), and not just regular Halloween. Abed's Batman voice was great, and it's nice to see Jeff go after another woman. The weird Jeff-Annie relationship continues, and Britta's squirrel costume wins for originality tonight. The episode itself was just meh, not really advancing much, just a series of varying humorous scenes. Some hit, some missed. Pierce on X got old way before the end of the episode.

The Office: The Halloween festivities were pretty much limited to the open, and Craig's refusal to play along was classic. Michael managing to turn "Dick in a Box" into one of the more morbid things ever on TV was also really really funny. The meat of the episode starts with Michael falling into a koi pond, and ends unexpectedly with footage of Jim letting Michael fall in. Michael, oddly, is okay with it, and the bond between them grows a little closer. Pam and Andy have a weird kind of bonding as well, being mistaken for a couple on sales calls, and revealing that Andy is a sad sad lonely man. Pam setting Andy up with Erin the cute receptionist is a nice touch, and hopefully a way for them to parody the Jim/Pam courtship. Good episode.

30 Rock: Better than it has been this season, not quite sure it's up to standard yet. They at least gave us some classic Jack/Liz action, which is where the show is generally strongest. Also, Kenneth is used sparingly here, allowing Jenna to get some screen time, which has also been lacking. Jack McBrayer showing up in Stone Mountain as various townsfolk who look exactly like him was worth a few giggles. Seriously though, Jeff Dunham? Sigh. Jenna's gay friend was the funniest part of her storyline though, let's get him back soon. Meanwhile, the "finding a new cast member" arc is taking forever. Enough already. Decent episode, could be better on a second watching.

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