Wednesday, October 21, 2009

House and The Ghost of Kumar Go To Watch Castle

Castle: First off, good news in that Castle has been picked up for a full season, and has been doing well in the ratings (although being on after Dancing With the Stars doesn't hurt either). Secondly, I really dug this episode. Not the beginning, as it had two of my least favorite things about television; a character facing a decision that would radically change the premise of the show (that they almost never actually take), and Debi Mazar. The decision in question is a potential offer for Castle to write the next three James Bond novels. Honestly, I stopped paying attention to those after Craig Shaw Gardner stopped writing them, but I can believe that a major author taking over the franchise would be a plum assignment. So the question becomes: Will Castle stick with the Nikki Heat franchise (thus staying in close contact with Beckett), or will he write his childhood hero and cash a MASSIVE check? In true Castle fashion, they avoid the maudlin "he stays because of his feelings for Beckett" route and go with the "Nikki Heat sold well, so his publisher will pay him even more money to write more of those" instead. There were a few good moments between Castle and Beckett though, although I'm worried that the tension is inching closer to "will they" instead of "won't they". After tonight though, I have faith that Team Castle probably has a new spin on things if they do pair the two of them up.

The plot of the episode wasn't bad, with some of the twists coming a mile away, but a very sweet ending nonetheless. However, one sequence just encapsulated everything I dig about this show. They are chasing a suspect through a kitchen, and Castle and Esposito do the "you go right, no you go left" dance as they try to get past each other going opposite directions. Then, Castle can't help but grab a taste of a dessert as he races through the kitchen. Two great bits of character development that take place in an action sequence, and my description doesn't do it justice. Just go watch it on Hulu. Now!

House: House is continuing to be great this season, and the great healing of House is actually still going on, not being dropped to go back to Classic House. Don't get me wrong, he's still the sarcastic grump we all know and love, but its balanced by genuine character moments. Tonight, it was a tease to a return of Crazy House, as he hears voices at night. However, it's just Wilson talking to Amber at night because of how much he misses her. At the very end of the episode, House starts a conversation with his father, which is a pretty powerful moment, given their history. It's a good sign that this show is evolving.

Unfortunately, it's also the return of the House/Cuddy mating dance. Even if they actually pull the trigger on it, I don't know whether it actually helps the show out or not. Foreteen's relationship storylines were fairly dull, and the inevitable disintegration of the Chase/Cameron pairing is slogging along as well. The only saving grace was Chase's scene in the confessional, and the scene at the end with him coming home drunk is not a good sign for the future. At least the POTW had a happy ending, and we got some sweet parkour in the beginning. It's just not the same without them all yelling "PARKOUR" and kicking stuff over though.

FlashForward is next on the list, and Top Chef this week is Restaurant Wars! Hot diggity!

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