Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursdays Are Huge!

Going to try doing some "live" Thursday blogging. Before that though, I have to get to Top Chef.

Poor Ashley, she had a couple of great weeks, then this. To be honest, I thought Ash was the easy pick here. The show's not called "Top Sous Chef", and clinging to a better chef may work in the opening rounds but at this point. Hell, I'd have booted Ash just for his awkward ass-kissing of Michael at judge's table. At least Michael acknowledged it afterwards, and it may have helped give him a little edge when it came down to who to eliminate. I still think Robin is overstaying her welcome, and Eli isn't looking too strong either, so I think those two and Ash are the next three to go, barring anymore catastrophic meltdowns.

By the way, I really get tired of gimmicky challenges tripping up some of the better chefs in eliminations. Cook a steak in a toaster, cook with a microwave and an olive fork, cook a 12 course meal out of a Twinkie and a dead baby...just let them cook! Tyler Florence made a good point about not always having the best tools to work with, but it's just frustrating when a good chef gets a bad beat and gets knocked out. But hey, we're just marking time until we see how much Kevin has lapped the other cheftestants by the finale. Maybe they'll chloroform Robin and replace her with Hung in a wig to try to keep the show competitive.

Community was a lot better this week, as Shirley finally emerges as a character. Chevy Chase's wacky ear gadget manages to be important to the plot, and Abed is still weird. John Oliver is back, which makes me happy. The Britta/Joel McHale (I seriously need to take notes on character names) no-mance takes a hit this week, as she starts dating one of the hippies from PCU, but they break up at the end so it's okay. I guess? Having their will they/won't they thing driving the plot is hampering what could otherwise be a better show. I like the jokes, I like the subplots, but I'm just not interested either way in if they become a couple or not.

The Office: The big hour long Jam wedding! October is an interesting time for it, what with sweeps typically being in November. The puke chain before the open was great stuff, as Pam faces off with Dwight. I want Dwight Schrute to narrate my next bout of lovemaking. Ahh, when the Beeslys and the Halprets get together, it's always a wild time. Kids love Dwight. Oh man, I forgot all about Jim's a-hole brothers! And the comedy stylings of one Michael Scott. This is gold. Wow, Jim's rehearsal dinner speech was really well done. Oops, up until the part where Jim spills the beans. Oh hey, and there's Michael! Well played, Office.


Which reminds me, I need to buy the Three Keyboard Cat variation of that shirt. Andy Bernard attempts to out-robot Meredith, and gets served. Poor Andy's balls. And that's the end of Part 1. Yes, an Office cliffhanger involves Andy Bernard's torn scrotum.

And now, dance break. You can't see it, but I'm toooootally dancing.

The Office, Part 2: Wedding Harder.

Oh sweet Jeebus, Dwight got laid. And his post-coital breakfast is fascinating in its scope. As is Kevin's lack of footcare. And his wig. And his tissue box shoes. And oh my goodness, I want to give Kevin a comedy hug right now. I want Michael to paint my portrait from memory, dammit. Oh no Jam, don't elope! Jim's tie can be stapled back on! I loves me some Erin the receptionist. Oh man, it wouldn't be an Office event without a YouTube reenactment. Phyllis' hat is in a dead heat with Andy's walker, as I continue to loves me some Erin. Oh hey, stereo water sprinkler dances! Also, Jim's Plan C (buying the boat tickets once he saw the YouTube video... was genius. The coda, with Kevin's feet and Michael nailing Pam's mom...hmmm...hmmm...yeah.

Okay, that's it for tonight. FlashForward tomorrow, I hope.

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