Thursday, October 15, 2009

Short and Sweet Tonight

Community: The Community formula is starting to emerge, and it is already getting a little worn in places. Jeff does something to gain point with Britta, Abed pairs up with someone else for comedy to ensue, and most of the rest of the cast gets "something" to do. The supporting cast still comes up big though (mainly Jon Oliver), and I still have hope. How much hope will I have in a month? Time will tell.

The Office: For the first episode without the calming rational influences of Jim and Pam, there wasn't much in the way of wacky hijinks. The Mafia/insurance storyline wasn't that interesting, although having Dwight and Andy on the same page as the devil in each of Michael's ears was an interesting pairing that would do well in the long term. Kevin gets up to very minor (we're talking "Dennis the Menace" levels) hijinks when he finds his way into Jim's office. Fortunately, we get some Jam action via some very terse phone calls, and it helps the episode even out. Not a great lead-in for...

NEW 30 ROCK!!! Liz's Cheesy Blasters song has already blown the rest of the Thursday lineup out of the water. Addressing the economy is a "bold" move. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so go out and hit up the Git'Er Done 2000. I love hill country talk, I love you Kenneth. Hmm, a storyline where Kenneth has to surpress his ideals...haven't seen that before. Tracy's attempts to connect with normal people are awesome. Kenneth's page strike, not so much...and i like Kenneth. Usually. Oooh, Jenna's gone country. Pro-op trans-centaur? Steve Buscemi!!! Oh no, Liz and Pete are intercoursing each other! I could see Buscemi working with Donahue. Every night should be Tennis Night in America. Damn that Pope Innocent the Fourth. Keneth's Jack voice is genius.

So, I was really hoping for resolution on the new cast member, but we only got resolution on the Jack/Kenneth plot. Honestly, they work well together, and Kenneth had a little more Jack in him by day's end, but I still prefer their interactions with other characters. Good first episode back though, and if they stick with the economy as a driving force for the first arc or two, it'll be some good times. Ugh, except that ham-handed toss to Leno. Just terrible.

Tough breaks, but not a surprise, as Ash leaves Top Chef this week. FlashForward coming after the weekend, then your normal Monday favorites.

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