Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Schedule: Rounding out the Five

Previously on Gleaming the Tube, I announced How I Met Your Mother and Flashforward would be among the shows I'll be reviewing here. After a long weekend of quiet reflection and meditation, I've determined two more shows that I'll be writing about here. I'm still contemplating a fifth show, plus I'll be doing shorter posts about everything else I watch (or at least, anything notable that comes up). I'm not ruling anything out, not even Tool Academy 2.

The One I Dread: Heroes

I have reached the point where I just straight up hate this show. HATE. I like Zachary Quinto, and I like the concept of Masi Oka, but the rest of the show has me ready to start burning down comic book stores. However, if Heroes goes down in flames, then there will NEVER be another superhero-based show in prime time again. Granted, that might not be a terrible thing at this point...but I'm still going to cling to the insane hope that the writers can pull this show out of the screaming death spiral that it is currently on.

The Pleasant Surprise: Castle

When I started watching this show, it was solely because I am a Nathan Fillion fan. He was the first celebrity I followed on Twitter, he's a member of the Man Crush Hall of Fame, and he played two of the Top Five Captains of all time (Reynolds and Hammer). On the surface, it looks like yet another cop show: interview the suspects, follow a couple of false conclusions, wrap it all up at the end, yadda yadda yadda. However, this show has two secret weapons: smart, clever writing and Nathan Fillion.

Okay, short (I hope) synopsis. Fillion plays Richard Castle, a best-selling novelist who is rich and famous from his series of mystery novels. As he kills off his cash cow main character, the police ask him to consult on a series of murders that are based on some of the murders in his books. He enjoys solving crimes, he's intrigued by the tough/sexy lady detective running the investigation, end of story. Except it's not. Castle is a rich manchild; used to getting his way, but just responsible enough to raise a daughter with a good head on her shoulders. There are usually at least a couple of laugh-out-loud lines in each episode, and they tend to sneak up on you too. One of my favorite moments was when the police are preparing for a possible shootout, so they all put on their bulletproof vests with "POLICE" printed on them. Castle opens his trunk and pulls out a vest he bought himself with "WRITER" printed on it. The cast is great, the writing is sharp, and the "mystery of the week" isn't too predictable. I'm expecting good things out of Season 2, and I'm hoping the show finds a larger audience.

So for those keeping track, my list so far is:

How I Met Your Mother (Mondays)
Castle (Mondays)
Heroes (Mondays)
Flashforward (Thursdays)

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