Thursday, September 3, 2009

GtT Fall Season: The Rookies

I'm spoiling you with all this content, aren't I? Don't worry, once school ramps up, I'll be throwing out half-assed posts and "I swear, I'll update soon" like every other blogger. Until then though, enjoy the second installment of the Gleaming the Tube Fall Schedule.

Show I'll Be Reviewing: Flash Forward

This was a request from Joan, but I've also heard some buzz about it from San Diego Comic-Con. I've stayed away from too much talk about it, so I'm hoping to go in fairly blind. From memory, it has to do with a global event where everyone sees a glimpse of what their life will be like six months from now (well, from the event), and what happens from there. As evidenced by my love of How I Met Your Mother, I'm all about time as a character in television (and yes, I'll be doing LOST in the winter), so this concept has legs. LOST has helped indoctrinate audiences into acceptance of science fiction elements in their dramas, so this could find an audience early. Will I like it? Time (PUN!) will tell.

Show I Won't Be Reviewing: Glee

I like "Don't Stop Believing" as much as anyone else, but I'm not that much of a fan of high school based shows. The hype for this show seems too high, and I'm just not all that interested. Also, it's Fox, so even if it's good, it might get canceled or shuffled around if it doesn't find an immediate audience.

Honorable Mention: Community

I loves me some Joel McHale, and I'll be watching it anyway since it's nestled in the nurturing bosom of 30 Rock and The Office. Still, I hated Parks and Recreation, and was pretty much done with My Name Is Earl a year or two before NBC was, so it'll be iffy for me. The ace in the hole is one of the executive producers/writers; Dan Harmon. Harmon is one of the mad geniuses behind Channel 101 (, where he made some amazing creations on a five minute clock and minimal budgets. Go watch "Laser Fart" and then come see me. His presence could make the show a hit, or he could overindulge some of his lesser instincts and throw the whole thing off the rails. But hey, who doesn't love to watch a good trainwreck?


  1. I'll be interested to see how Community progresses. I wasn't disappointed with the pilot but I can't really make up my mind yet on whether I actually "liked" it. I love Joel, too, but he's going to have to be spectacular to balance out my hate for Chevy Chase.

    This is Joan, btw.

  2. Yeah, I try not to judge too much based on pilots, since the flavor of the show gets pushed aside some in favor of going through the motions of introducing the cast and setting up the premise. I'm also not too impressed with yet another "guy tries to pick up girl, becomes better person in the process" storyline. I'm familiar with Dan Harmon's other work, so I'm really hoping that he has a new spin on it.

    I'm giving Chevy Chase a pass, mostly because I think he'll be able to work well in the ensemble and not grate too much on my nerves. Other than Joel, Jon Oliver, and Asperger's Kid, I didn't see anyone that just jumped out and grabbed me as a character.