Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sorry Kids!

Took a few days of sick leave. I've got a backlog of shows to get through, but here are a few quick thoughts on what I was able to watch.

Dollhouse: Glad to see it back, but I wasn't blown away by the first episode of Season 2. They've set up a few things that should pay off sooner than later though, and the interplay between Topher and Saunders/Whiskey was nice...and will probably pay off later than sooner. But in a good way.

The Cleveland Show: Took a little long to set up the premise, and I'm not crazy about...well, most of the characters. It's not like I'm not watching the other 90 minutes though, so I'll stick with it.

Family Guy: Great episode, as they abandon the pretense of being a 22-minute narrative and just turn it into animated sketch comedy. The Robot Chicken universe was genius "Hahahaha, those shows existed!", as was the extended Disney tribute. Poor poor Mort.

How I Met Your Mother: STRIPPER LILY!!! Nice episode, although the bf/gf tension between Barney and Robin kind of came out of nowhere, nor was it resolved by the end. Still, this episode has merit for the visual effects alone, showing 2009 Ted observing 2002 Ted on his first blind date (with the same girl). This show isn't afraid to take chances, and they pay off at a staggering rate. Also, STRIPPER LILY!!!

Tool Academy 2: I keep loving this show. Two of the girls get in a fight (over one of them being a stripper...gosh, didn't see that one coming), the Tools turn on one of their own for being just too Tooly, and next episode promises a Tool revolution. I have a longer post on Tool Academy coming, I swear.

Heroes and Castle are coming up next, as is FlashForward.

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