Friday, September 18, 2009

The New Fall Season Starts...NOW

School can't stop me from bringing you the new hotness, and last night was the premiere of Community.

This show really hit it off with me. I already like Joel McHale from The Soup, and he plays his character with the right amount of smarm. He plays a lawyer with a less than legitimate college degree, so he goes to a community college to get a degree and keep from being disbarred. The Daily Show's Jon Oliver is great here as a professor at the community college, but he was billed as a guest star, which makes me think he won't be coming back (or not for every episode, anyway). The rest of the cast was introduced, and it may take a couple more episodes for them to grow on me. The extended Breakfast Club reference was great, and I think this show will find an audience soon. It just remains to be seen whether they can keep the premise going, since realistically, he should be done with college within four years. Hey, if The Office can have a documentary crew for six years, why can't Joel McHale stay in college for that long?

Couple of quick hits, before I forget:

Top Chef: Ashley is growing on me, and it was nice to see her in the top group tonight. Gail called her a dark horse, and that may be the best she can hope for. There's just so much talent in the top half of the people remaining, and I just don't think Ashley will be able to compete with them long enough to make it to the final six or so. She can keep off the block with some of the spares still in it, but at some point, her run will end. Shame too, since this week's performance should give her the confidence boost she needs to string a few more good weeks together.

Web Soup: Consistently funny, and Chris Hardwick is a great host for this kind of web snark. Its spiritual cousin Tosh.0 delves deeper into some of their clips, going so far as to track down some of the stars of some of the great Fail videos of the intertubes, but Web Soup keeps it to the basics: Here's a video, here's a joke...moving on. The show lives and dies on Chris Hardwick, and he knocks it out of the park every show. Give that man some more money.

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