Thursday, September 3, 2009

GtT Fall Schedule: Revealed!!!

I'm slowly finalizing what shows I want to watch/review for the blog. I don't have the complete list, but I figure I can start listing them now, as well as shows that I won't be reviewing (for various reasons) and eventually build up a list. Let's start with some comedy.

Show I'll Be Reviewing: How I Met Your Mother

Entering its fifth season, this is a show that still flies under most people's radars, although it is finally getting some respect, including a Best Comedy nomination at the Emmy's, as well as a Best Supporting Actor nom for Neil Patrick F'ing Harris. (Man Crush Hall of Fame inductee)

Although the ensemble cast is great, the 6th character is Time, and the writers use it to full effect to set up some of the best gags and storylines I've seen in a sitcom in a long time. We (meaning me and some Denton Rocky nerds) are doing a series marathon soon leading up to the season premiere on September 19th.

Show I Won't Be Reviewing: 30 Rock

This show is great, but it gets tons of press on its own. I'll still be watching, and I may even sprinkle in some quick comments (I'm actually thinking of just doing a weekly "Everything Else I Watched" roundup with short thoughts on various shows) on it, but I would be treading too-familiar ground if I tried to cover it in depth. The Onion TV Club ( does a great job covering it (and HIMYM, but they can't take all my shows!), so I won't be doing full reviews.

Honorable Mention: The Big Bang Theory

This is a show that I eventually want to get into, but from the beginning (send me DVD's?), so this would be more of an off-season project. I've heard many many good things though, so I'll be hoping to dive into this sooner than later.

That makes How I Met Your Mother the first official member of the Gleaming the Tube Class of Fall 2009! Exploding high five!

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